Friday, October 20, 2017

Democrat Tom Steyer - Dig Into How He Became a Billionaire - Offer Him a Flight to Mars

If anyone is crazy is rich nuts like Steyer. I see where scientists have found a cave on the moon, perhaps suitable for habitation.

I'll contribute to sending him and his ilk to the moon or elsewhere far away.

Democrat and Socialist leadership and supporters are worse losers than the Cub Die-Hard fans.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"New Millennium Institute Receives National Attention" - Traveler Weekly - March 2017

"Founded by Aghara Bryson., a Peoria native. She states, There isn't a shortage of jobs, there is a shortage of job ready applicants. Recruitment and retention are big challenges for employers and workforce development.'. Bryson believes that many employers are frustrated because they cannot find applicants who are reliable, punctual, and understand what it takes to be a good employee".

Well said and best wishes for success. I've been trying to get this message across for 60 years.

Failure in the Black Community By Both Black and White Leadership - July 1, 2011

Showing posts sorted by relevance for query failure of the Black community by Both Black and White Leadership. Sort by date Show all posts FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2011 Failure in the Black Community By Both Black and White Leadership An irritated reader reminds me that the last president to send his kids to public schools was President Carter. I remind irritated Yvonne that her man planned to redistribute people's wealth and production to make everyone more equal. Somewhat similair to the failed "communes". As a wealthy man and elected leader of our country, his kids, by attending public schools, could be role models and tutors to the kids of 2nd, 3rd or 4th predominately black failed generations. The opportunity for everyone to attend free public schools and seek employment without discrimination, has been supported by every president in the past 110 years or so. For the last 50 years, equal opportunity has been there to be seized by those with a desire to be educated, be dependable and learn to work. (and be consistent by coming to work on time as detailed in a recent JS article of a black woman's success). She seized opportunity. Too many black youths feel as Columnist Leonard Pitts wrote and I published on this site that they would not work for a white. "You Can Do What You Want To Do", published 6/20/07) Also, I suggest some read or re-read, "Why Can't We All Just Get Along", published 6/17,2008; "Racial Profiling", published 9/9/07; Racism and Elections, 10/7/04; "Middle Class Income Stagnation", published 4/28/08 and "Why Black Leadership May Need to Work More closely With White Leadership", 10/7/07. Or "Multicultural Foolishness", published 10/12/08. In this blog, my last paragraph suggestion is probably wrong. I've also stated my informed opinion on "Diversity" and the most recent Minimum Wage Law which is keeping so many both black and white youths unemployed again this summer. We could have brought back the CCC, one of FDR's best work programs, except for the opposition of the unions and the unwillingness of many to do hard work. Why do you suppose we have so many illegal immigrants doing the "grunt" work in the U.S. while so many blacks and many whites are idle? All of these blogs can be easily found by entering the title or subject on all of my 1700+ blogs' "Search Bar", upper right hand of the blog. A couple other irritated people thought I was unfair to the Cannons who do good work in the community. Carl is paid well, works out of taxpayer supported facilities with kids who could be taught the same things Carl teaches in the taxpayer funded public school systems or taught in the some 100 or more Social Agencies and Churches, the Scouts, etc. If Cannon's wife believes that Obama is doing the job he was elected to do she is reading the wrong polls. Which brings up the point, what are black "leaders" telling and teaching these kids in total? As to young people incarcerated and clogging the juvenile courts, the record shows that the majority are black despite being a minority in numbers in the County of Peoria. As to sexually transmitted diseases, the health dept. published figures indicate that again minority blacks lead Peoria County to be the leader in sex diseases and pregnancies per capita of any county in the State of Illinois. As to my journalism? Never took a class, don't get paid for blogging, don't have a proof reader but I make my points. Some "Anonymous and first name" commenter's, which I don't publish get the point but are in denial as are many of the arrogant, elite, wealthy in this country. Donald Trump? Ha, Ha. As stated when I started this blog in 2004, "This blog is not a 'politically' correct blog. But it comes off as summing up the feelings of a large majority of my readers.

"Shall We Overcome"? October 14, 2005

Merle Widmer's PEORIA WATCH Showing posts sorted by relevance for query Shall We Overcome?. Sort by date Show all posts FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2005 Shall We Overcome? You don’t have to be a Republican or a slightly right leaning conservative to learn from reading the Wall Street Journal. Please read the column dated 10/14/05, titled “Shall We Overcome” by black professor Charles Johnson, a professor of English at the University of Washington. I would be honored to be called a friend of Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson writes an informative article on “black expectations” and about those who are still preaching “inevitable contradictory profiles such as offered by Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, (those largely involved in planning another “million man” march in Washington) in the black America post civil rights period.” Dr. Johnson quotes another person I would like as a friend, William Raspberry “For the first time in black American history, what we CAN DO is a greater determinant of our future than what is DONE TO us. We need to teach and preach that and shout that-to our young people and ourselves. We need to take note that immigrants-including those from Africa and the Caribbean-who see opportunity where too many born here see only disparity.” Dr. Johnson quotes author Thomas Sowell as saying “celebrities have quietly bolstered as role models some of geeks and “boffins” rather than our rappers, our Hip Hop culture and those mired in “black redneck behavior.” He continues “a disturbing profile that reveals a high percentage of black males being AWOL as fathers and husbands; as disappearing from our colleges, not one black among 800 entering engineering (UD Berkeley 2004-5 class), graduating from high school with an eighth-grade level of proficiency in math and reading; in prison, on probation on parole (a third of the black men in their 20’s). With the HIV infection rate doubling for blacks in the past decade, as well as urban violence, hypertension, social stress and heart disease, the number of black men now trails black women by two million. And it is not as if black women are thriving; the HIV infection for black women is 20 times that for white women (possibly because of “down low” bisexual black males who hide the fact of their homosexuality).” Dr. Johnson asks that “we give up the “bigotry of low expectations” so that we can reshape the culture profile of the black American male so that it embodies what our predecessors and ancestors valued most: literacy and the love of learning; wide ranging intellectual curiosity and catholicity represented by a W.E.B. Du Bios or a Mark Dean, (a holder of forty patents), delayed gratification, a commitment to creating wealth (usually accomplished by having what it takes to hold a job and advance up the ladders) and passing that on to our children and the hard truth that, despite our appreciation of modernity, people of color do not have the luxury of half-stepping, failure and indiscretions in a very white, unabashedly Eurocentric society.” He continues “education is a means for something else-whether it’s developing your self to better serve people, to support your family or marketability.” Dr. Johnson states “that blacks have served in served America widely, account for a black GPD of $632 billion, homeownership is near 50%, are of all religions and trades and are inescapable in the fabric of America’s lived experience and defy easy categorization. The number living in poverty is 25%, which is too high, of course, but a vast improvement over indigence of the past.” He continues “If, instead of denial and avoidance, our leaders and opinion makers-who have dismally failed to address the serious problem of black male culture for over half a century because it is easier to apologize for black underperformance, tell the men in the audience that each and every one of them must become the spiritual and intellectual leaders they should be, then perhaps this latest spectacle in our nations capital will not be staged in vain.” I highly suggest that all of us realize “The black American crisis at the dawn of the 21st century and become more of a solution to this crisis especially in our own community, than being a part of the problem. The JS could be more helpful in publishing more black writers with common sense and who have an ability to convey more realistic messages to all. Posted by Merle Widmer at 10/14/2005 03:56:00 PM

Monday, October 16, 2017

James Lee Burke - Author of "House of the Rising Sun"

Burke always was a populist but in his later years has turned to Socialism. I believe most of us have many parts of socialism and populism in our brains. But most of us, I think, still do not accept either as dominant in our lives and in this country. This book is not for the faint of heart but as usual James Lee Burke tells it like it is with a lot of the usual missing parts that are found in all works of fiction.

"Little Soldiers" - Deeply Concerned About Public Education In This Country?

Then read this non-fiction book written by a Chinese author, Lenora Chu, educated in the U.S but now living in China. Disturbing but very interesting.

North Korea Says It Won't Negotiate With A "Hostile America"

What say? They are calling the "kettle black"???? As Trumps says you don't negotiate with those whose prime purpose is to kill you. So true but the devil in charge of North Korea is a Hitler without Hitler's overall power. One nuclear strike against this country or it's protectorates and North Koreans are history.

Hate Groups in the U.S.A.. - Who Are These "Groups" and How Many Are There?

Some one reported a figure of over 900 hate groups in this country. I suppose that include hate groups like "Black Lives Matter', all the gangs hating and killing each other,(reports indicate their are over 250 gangs in this country, Mexican, Blacks, Whites, Chinese, etc.), hard Left-wing media groups that hate Trump and dozens, maybe hundreds more out there that are hating and killing innocent people. My Thesaurus describes groups as #1- A number of persons or things located close together, or considered or CLASSED together. That being said, their are probably a few thousand hate groups in this country. Interesting but sad.

Friday, October 13, 2017

"Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick''

I believe this quote was attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt over 100 years ago. That was then. This now. Soft talk only gives the deadly enemies of our country more reason to try to bully us. Same goes for bullies in schools, the street, or basically in all walks of life. The only language today's different type of bullies understand is a show of ones real strength. Trump was exactly right in properly identifying our enemies and calling them what they are. North Korea's "leader" has power. So did Hitler. Those among us who still believe that "the meek will inherit the earth" are going to be slaughtered, sooner if not later. From the start of recorded history, there have always been people who intimidated, tortured and killed thee weak. Consider the invasion of the whites into what was later called America. Th power of the whites won over the power of the Indians and Mexicans. Please encourage all to read history.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Florida May Be First State to Execute Drug Dealers

I support as I've blogged before. Certainly not on their first offense and a lot of other considerations. Singapore has few drug problems and they have been executing for 40 years.

1997? Sure Rose. Why Did You Take the $100,000? Surely You Weren't a "Working Girl"??

Of course, rape happens. Definition? Like a Supreme Court Justice once noted on pornography, "I don't know how to describe it but I'll know it when I see it". Witnesses or just a woman's word against a man? As Iv'e warned before that having sex outside of marriage, especially when both the accused and the "victim" are stoned, is RISKY business no matter how much she says she loves you. And 20 years later make accusation AFTER others do? What a world we live in. Noteworthy is that publicly, few black women ever claim they were raped. Just an observation. Now my critics will say I don't believe in rape. But some of my readers are just plain stupid. I can tell by their anonymous attacks against me.

Community Word, Owned by 17 Democrats Also Prints Vile Untruths By Sherry Cannon

Here is one of Sherry Cannon's frequent lies. Her headline is, "No Justice or Mercy in Donald Trump's Department of Justice". She ends her diatribe by writing, "We have more black people under the age of 16 in our prisons with mandatory life sentences than any other country in the world. This administration will be one of the CRUELEST since the post-Reconstruction Period". Fact - We have NO 16 YEAR OLD black people in our prisons with mandatory life sentences. She also wrote that "we will get through all the EVIL that Donald Trump brings". (6/17) And she handles youth programs for Carl Cannon's Youth Groups. Dear God, no wonder Peoria leads the State in Black STD"s and Black's failure to take advantage FREE EDUCATION.