Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Anderson Cooper, Mouthpiece of CNN, Has a Live-In Man?

Is he and many in the media jealous of Trump's love life of which I am NOT interested in? Whether he is doing a good job of making America great again, which he is against ALL odds, is of no interest to them. But our Presidents sex life is most important to them. Do I detect more than jealousy here?

Forget about the infidelity of Former President John Kennedy, brother Bob and certainly their beloved brother, beloved also by the Democrats, who was driving a car with a young girl he was f........g with and drove her into a famous river and swam away to let her die?

Or Democrat FDR's mistress who was with him at the time of his death. And the escapades of LBJ.

Hey, Anderson Cooper, I bet your mouth is bigger than your boyfriends you know what. Or is your relationship fake news or just a rumor?

But I forget. We live in an age of where anything goes. I know a person whose daughter and black boyfriend live in the same house as her father and his former wife reside.

I'm probably just jealous.

Pennsylvania Close Race and Probable Winner Comes As No Big Surprise To Me

With the Democrat left-wing liberal media dominating the media, the constant hammering on everything that Trump and family does or looks like, o....., the new book section in public libraries dominated by novels involving illicit sex, (proven by the very high readership and movie attendance of 'Fifty Shades of Gray", the movies and talk shows advising people that anything goes these days, with drug use at it's highest level ever, with a dominate number of Socialist minded teachers (at all levels in the public schools and most colleges and universities, spewing hate against Capitalism and especially our President, I think the Republican candidate did quite well in a LOW turnout election.

Many of the old Republican dowagers,(who inherited their money from their husband or Grandad, now spending their time watching 300 channels on TV, especially ones that involve their unrequited sex lives and now to old have anyone interested in helping them reclaim what they believe they have lost and have no time to vote) leaving them with no time to see or understand what is happening to this country and no time to vote..

Sure older Republican women are opposed to legalizing Marijuana because they can't believe that their relatives, middle aged, or young, are buying it illegally, making this country  probably the biggest spender on drugs of all kind, including prescription drugs, causing the highest murder rate outside of Mexico and depriving out country of hundreds of billions of tax dollars.

As usual, so sad.

NCAA May Be Covering Up the Biggest Sports Scandal In the History Of Sports Scandals

A scandal most of us who played the games and follow the high paid sports; football and basketball, have for years and years, known about 'attend for pay or major incentives, new cars to drive or if they did well in sports, keep the car or pay a dollar for ownership, vacation trips and paid trips for family, the name of some 'women' to contact on campus or in the area. etc.

Over the years, a few college professors' have complained about the pressure on the pass players who seldom attended a class. Under of losing their jobs, most relented. Then colleges started offering classes so easy no study was necessary to graduate. If they even wanted to graduate.

If Dick Versace, former college and pro basketball coach were to read this blog, he would get quite a chuckle.

Rick Pitno became the best know college coach fall-guy. A few assistant coaches too, but the big names are ALL out there unscathed. But for the NCAA top big-shots, it's a money game to line their pockets. There attitude is that if they can get by with just a few low level coaches caught in cheating and just one big time coach, why stir the pot.

One reason former Bradley coach, Joe Stowell was eventually ousted was because he wouldn't play the  'pay'to get top talent to Bradley, Of course, the money or incentives to lure players to colleges is usually not paid by the coaches or the University, but by the followers who's motto is win at any cost, just win.

Unfortunately, we all like winners today and cheating to win is much easier as I have blogged on this subject years ago.

So when you watch big name schools who are ALWAYS in the final 4 or 8, you might give what I blog here tonight, some thought.

Pretty sad, but we live in a world of cheaters. I was watching a program on Chanel 85 titled Drugs. Inc.Anybody who believes we are winning the war on drugs, lives in la, la land.

So sad, again.

Kids, and That's What you Are - You Don't Know Shit

Sent to me by a friend. My Heading.  Merle

"Dear 'Ban Gun' Teenagers". 9 kids die everyday from texting while driving. Let's ban your CP's. Also your car.  My comments now. Many of you smoke pot and think you are cool. You dress like strippers. You smoke cigarettes and think again you are cool. You have sex before the age or 14. This nation has more unwed mothers THAN ANY COUNTRY 1st WORLD COUNTRY. IN THE. You have fake ID's cards so you can buy booze and cigarettes. You can't read and you have little idea of what is going on in the REAL WORLD.

Part of your problem is your parents who fear punishing you. Another large problem is weak school boards, Principals and Superintendents.

You are married to your ears and mouth. And Hollywood.

There will be some changes in control of guns. You and those who support you will have little to do with these changes. Regular rifles will not be banned from country kids and from those who enjoy shooting for fun, hunting or target practice.. If lawmakers try to ban rifles to those under under 18, (at 18, youths' may enter the arm services and learn to shoot more than a rifle) most of their fathers will buy them a gun and teach how to use it. If they wish to have one or two.

Sometimes following your 'peers' can get you in more trouble than you can imagine. Don't think that the 2 million or more that are incarcerated are ALL innocent.

If you can, think about the real world. If you don't like it, you are going about changing it in the wrong way.Those top educators' and the leftt-wing press are trying to scare kids and parents into thinking ALL teachers would be armed. Not true at all. Only those who are skilled, fully vetted and extensively trained and who VOLUNTEER to carry a concealed would be armed. Perhaps one for every 50 kids.

I try not to paint every kid with a 'broad brush'. There are far more responsible intelligent kids than those who I describe above.

Israel has had guns in schools for 40 years and they have NO SHOOTING PROBLEMS. Look it up.

Monday, March 12, 2018

No Interference By Russia In Our Presidential Election

In a 150 page review of interference, the Republicans found no collusion. Now the Republicans should make a stronger effort to prove that thousands of illegals voted for Democrats in the 2016 election. That's why Demos are so opposed to voter ID.

It should be noted that attempts to influence elections in other countries by the good old U.S.A. has been going on since the formation of this country. Proof is out in print in many books. Forgot Contra already?

And these efforts by our country to influence foreign voters will continue under Democrat or Republican administrations will continue.

Forever. Period.

Gary Sutherland and Pastor Marvin Hightower - My Respect

Seem like common sense people when they write published letters to the JSEB. Also, ad my respect to  Larry Ivory and a lot of other who write sensible letters for publication.

Higher Import Tariffs' Raising Prices To the Consumers?

I have some suggested ideas to offset the possible consumer costs:

#1 - Consume less booze and soft drinks - neither help you lead a longer and more productive life plus ALL soft drinks add to body weight. So does beer. 16,000 deaths vehicle deaths were alcohol related.

#2 - It is claimed that the steel tariff would raise the cost of a $40,000 car by $200 since cars are using more and more plastic. Buy a slighter cheaper car or keep your old car one year longer. No point in 'keeping up with the Jones, because one can't'.

#3 - Marry a wife or a husband that can cook. Grocery store purchases are much cheaper than eating out. Or eat out one night less a week.

#4 - Keep your old anythings including TV's, laptops, Ipods, clothes, or CP's one year longer.

#5 - Consolidate your driving. Some people shop everyday. My Mom shopped for groceries once a week.

#6 - The Biggie. Stop stupidly spending your money on lotteries, video machines and Casinos. They are set up to win the most money by far, not you.

And I've  overlooked at lot other solutions but some I must mention is to cut down on your use of prescription drugs, illegals drugs and your smoking habits.

There, see how easy it is so stop your complaining. Don't like the way the politicians are running our governments? Run for office. I did. Elected at age 75 and retired at 85. I'm nearing 93 and look forward to every day I get up in the morning. And, no, I've never been convicted of anything worse than a traffic violation. And never will.


Illinois Policy Institute Major 2018 Goals

#1 -  Give Right to Work protection to every government employee in not only Illinois but in the nation. 28 states already have laws that protect the government workers from undue union coercion.

#2 - Give Illinois homeowners relief with comprehensive property tax reforms. Our current system drives property owners out of Illinois, wreaks  hardships on middle class families,  and reduces our census while other states increase their populations.

#3 - Advance structural spending. What solutions are needed? Real, structural reforms on critical issues such as pensions, Workmen's Compensation, Medicaid and higher education as well as property taxes. The current budget has none of those urgently needed reforms.

#4 - Defend Illinois taxpayers by enacting collective bargaining reform. To compete with other states and keep people from fleeing the state - it must reduce the high cost of living that drives them away. And one of the biggest drivers of the state's high cost of living in Illinois' unfair collective bargainer laws.All of Illinois' neighboring states - Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan have already enacted the following reforms: Strike prohibition for most or all government employees, Limits on the subjects that can be negotiated during bargaining, limits on contract length and worker freedom provisions.

#5 - Advance criminal justice reform to expand opportunity across Illinois. Our systems are totally out of date and provisions mus t be provided to lower the recidivsion rate of ex-offenders.

This is just a synopsis of what the IPI is expanding their efforts to make Illinois a better place to live.

To get the full eight page report, contact the Illinois Policy Institute at 190 S. LaSalle St., Suite 1500 Chicago, Il. 60603 or

"Hotel Deal Raises Eyebrows in City That Learned the Hard Way"

Printed by the Journal Star on 6/15/09 but written by the St, Loius Post-Dispatch. "Peoria jumps on the convention-hotel bandwagon. Here in St. Louis, we know the folly of  listening to consultants who promise that a big new hotel will attract more convention business. Our down-town Renaissance Hotel, built on the basis of such projections, has just defaulted on its debt payments. But 180 miles to the northeast, consultants are still making such promises, and the leaders of Peoria are in a mood to believe them.

The Peoria City Council endorsed a plan last month that would provide $39 million of public financing for a new Marriott Hotel attached to the Civic Center. In one respect, the city would be making an even greater commitment than St. Louis did: Peoria appears to be talking about issuing general obligation bonds, which the city would repay out of tax revenue. St. Louis convention hotel was financed with revenue bonds, with no obligation for the city itself to make payments.

The plan is based on the hotel drawing more conventioneers to Peoria, which will bring the city more money through taxes on hotel rooms, restaurant meals and other spending. The discussion in the Peoria Journal Star will sound familiar to St. Louisans:

In recent years  Civic Center business has remained relatively stable. even after the $55 million expansion of its facility to add more convention hall space. ...Debbie Ritschel, General Manager of the Civic Center, said a main reason for the lack of increased convention business is because there is no attached hotel. She said once it is connected, 20 to 30 clients who have turned down coming to Peoria in the past because the Civic Center does not have an attached hotel, will be reconsidered. It also opens a series of clients we haven't approached. she said.

Peoria's Marriott isn't a sure thing. The deal is contingent on a developer's ability to  raise $54 million of private financing, which may be a tall order in today's market."

The Peoria Journal Star then adds the following: "Not that Peoria ever lets precedent---here or  elsewhere---- get in the way of its decision making, but in the light of the recent bad news concerning a grocery store (Cubs) going belly up in yet another of the city's less-than-successful TIF districts, leaving local taxpayers on the hook, might city leaders pay attention now? You just never know who might be watching".

The Peoria Journal Star recently wrote "Worst Deal Ever", 2/23/2018, writing that the city did not protect the taxpayers on the hotel deal. It was reckless with their money".

What I have said many times that Peoria is a consultants money making dream. Add Heddinton Oaks to the big loser (the PJS was huge supporter of Heddsington Oaks) list and of course, the Pere, and now those who 'lead'  Peoria want to buy a $300 million dollar water company to help pay for Peoria's  infrastructure that is so bad it is indescribable.

P.S. The Civic Center is projected to lose $500,000 next time they report profits and losses.


Thursday, March 08, 2018

John Ackerman For Tazewell County Clerk

Clear choice. Show me a person with ambition who hasn't had some problems in their lives. He will serve and do his job for his communities.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Trump's New Major Economic Advisor? Easy Choice, Larrry Kudlow

A demeanor that would offset some of Trump's hurry up efforts to get things done. And President Trump has done a lot to 'right the ship'..

Trump Doing What Predecessors Failed To Do

When this country started to be flooded with cheaper merchandise driving manufactures and other businesses OUT of business because these importing countries had a lower standard of living than we have, former administrations failed to raise tariff out of fear.

Now Trump is acting. Perhaps his tariff raise is too much to be acceptable to some other businesses that will need to raise prices to consumers or reduce overpaid management and reduce their internal cost. Every action taken always affects someone negatively.

Big problems our President has inherited. He will be a worn out man by 2020 and will not run for reelection. I expect a divorce in 2021 as his younger wife will want a more social life than politics which he will not be able to get off his mind.

I know as you can tell by my blogs, 26 years after my retirement.