Monday, April 16, 2018

"Everybody Lies" by Seth-Stephens-Davidowitz - Everybody Knows ALL People Lie and Lie Again

Kids learn it early. Adults help them learn to lie. If you are not afraid of confronting the truth and like statistics, this book is a true winner. The readeer can do some skimming of words and even paragrahs but the 'truth will out'.

"The Billion Dollar Spy" by David L. Hoffman - A True Story of Cold War Espionage andd Betrayal

In our country, disgruntled top security officials are discharged and forgotten. Some turn to betrayal of our country. In Russia, they poison defectors with highly classified information. They use firing squad to kill those caught in Russia afteer they have torttured them to get all the illegally released information they can. Out way is moral and stupid (FBI and CIA). Russia's way is immoral but effective.

I hope our Security has much improved but with people like Comey, Mueller and other Trump haters, I suggest hundreds of spies from all different countries are being 'handled' to gather as much top secret info from the U.S.A. and send it one way or another, to their respective homelands.

Those countries we spy on and they spy oon us include Russia, of course, Israel, England, France, China, Germany and all major countries in the world. As stated before, we have spies and they have spies. They lead a dangerous life and betrayal is nothing new.

This book, IF you read it, was even an eye opener to me.

SCOTUS Denies Bllog's Appeal

Maybe President Trump will grant his appeal on his way out of office in 2020 as a 'goodwill' gesture to the Democrats.

Woman Trump Supporter Attacked

I"m a Trump supporter. Try to attack me physically. Don't be a coward. I'm just a hamless old man. Attack me physically and see how harmless I am.

Trump Towers Had No Sprinkler System - Read On

NEITHER DID PEORIA COUNTY NURSING HOME BELWOOD, a workplace for 178 Union Employees and 250 or so residents. Democrats on the County Board and Administrator Patrick Urich had plenty of opportunity to install sprinklers and even received $178,000 from Obama which they, INSTEAD,  used for CONSULTANTS AND ENGINEERS for the FAILED  Heddington Oaks, while OBAMA  was in the State of Illinois Senate.

Trump Towers was NEVER by law required to have Sprinkler Systems. Neither was Belwood. I suggest whoever had too many OVERLOADED electrical outlets in their room, was possibly STONED.

Check it out. See what the JS Democrat has to say about REQUIREMENTS of both tomorrow.

Hannity? I'll Take His Word Over Almost Any Democrat in Congress

One might be surprised how many Democrat Congresspeople Use Or Have Used the Same Attorney as Convicted Criminals. Will any of the few Conservative new medias make the effort to look them up??

Probably not. Go Hannity and the MAJORITY of Fox TV Reporters and Contributors.

Militant Balcks Set Up StarBuck Employees - Starbuck Stock Price Go Up

Militant blacks set up this scenario. The black men were loitering and after loitering time was up, they were asked to leave. When they refused, the cops were called.

Had these been 2 whites loitering and were asked to leave and didn't, Starbucks would have taken the same actions. Nothing would have happened if the blacks would have left when the police arrived.

When the police arrived, they still wouldn't leave so the police had no choice but to handcuff them and haul them to where they belonged. JAIL.Sensible people without an agenda would have also left the premises when they heard the police were on their way.

All of this was staged, Bullhorns, printed signs, and plenty of militant blacks on hand to "create a scene".

If StarBucks opens lower tomorrow AM, I will be a buyer. I, like many of my friends and acquaintances are getting weary of these militants making it harder for the sensible blacks, a majority by far, to rise up in status in this country.

I personally, would like to see these militants of which I have met VERY few, to return to their ancestors roots and take their ilk with them.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Senior Innovators - Yes, I Was One - My Innovation Started in 1964 is the Largest of It's Kind In Downstate Illinois

  Subject: Fwd:
> Stunning Senior Moment Love this one.....yea
> Srs.!A very self-important
> college freshman attending a recent football game took it
> upon himselfto explain to a senior
> citizen sitting next to him why it was impossible for the
> older generationto understand his
> generation. 'You grew up
> in a different world, actually an almost primitive one,
> ' the student said, loud enough for many of those nearby
> to hear. 'The young people of today are much more
> advanced than people your age. We grew up with television,
> jet planes, space travel, man walking on the moon and the
> internet. We have cell phones, nuclear energy, electric and
> hydrogen cars, computers, automated manufacturing, amazing.
> technologies, ...and, 'pausing to take another drink of
> beer. The senior took
> advantage of the break in the student's litany and said,
> ‘You're right, son. We didn't have those things
> when we were we invented them. Now, you arrogant
> little twit, what are YOU doing for the next
> generation?’ The applause was
> resounding… I love senior citizens --

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Associated Press; Definetly Socialist and Rabble Rouser, Attacks Our President's Every Move

It's the AP that is in chaos, not the Trump supporters in the White House or elsewhere. By November, many readers and listeners to these horribly biased propagandists' will surely see how these medias are trying to destroy this country.

Trump Tumult the Anti-Trump Medias Say??

Not hardly, Trump is slowly ousting the Republican Establishment and the Democrat bureaucracy he inherited. Getting his own team by ousting, one way or another, has been a struggle.people tend to forget he is a businessman turned political as anger in the sane populace turned against politicians. He is not a politician the same way I was in my 10 years on the Peoria County Board.

He is getting there, folks, and it is still a long way till November.

Chicago Bulls To Hold Press Conference at 11:00 AM Tomorrow

I'm hoping it is to announce the firing of Fred and John. Hoiberg should be able to find a head coaching job at a small college and Paxton should be able to hook on to another professional basketball team.

The Bulls are no fun to watch; even when they win because they do not play as a team and do not have a good big man under either basket.

Should have made the change last year when on this blog site, I recommended these changes be made.

Diamond and Silk Prove and A Republican prove Zuckerberg the Liar He Is

Zuckerberg lied before Congress today when he stated banned Diamond Diamond and Silk: black Trump supporters, had been put back on Facebook. At 10 PM Central time tonight in a interview with Laura Ingraham, my type of factual news reporter, both denied that this has happened.

Zuckerberg, a smooth, arrogant left-wing liberal, multi-multi billionaire and his minions are so anti-Trump, their pedicured toe nails turn red with anger each time they hear he has done something for the overall benefit of this nation.

Sorry, friends, I must on principle, pull my Facebook account as soon as possible. More prejudice by the Zuckerberg will be exposed on Fox TV. I very much doubt you will read about this lie in the Washington Post-Journal Star Democrat combine but I''ll look for it tomorrow at Peoria Heights fine library.