Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Audience - After the U.S.A., ; France

Russia has dropped out after they found out I wasn't of spy grade material. Because I keep trying to present facts and my readership is growing, I may run an ad in the JS in the near future..

I printed a boo-boo when I said most of the terrorists are here illegally. I was wrong. 73% are here LEGALLY because of our failed visa system.

Hope Donald and Company can get this entry mess straightened out and send all those who overstayed their permits and disappeared who oncc found will be given a proper escort out of this country.

'Expert' Says Hillary Could Still Become President

Probably so, People of color tend to have 2-3 times births than those who entered this country legally once the first immigration registration law was passed in 1883. I'll look it up but believe I am close to the date wnen immigrants had to enter this country legally.

And 90% of them vote Democrat.

But what about poor Bernie or 'Smoky Joe'?

Socialist bent Hollywood would love to have her. We used to say, 'Hooray for Hollywood'. Is the new dictionarry of wotds or phrases we can't use, out yet?  Hope it says that blacks  can't say 'mo--------er any more. I never did like to be called that name.

Hey, Jorge, You Became a Criminal the Day You Snuck Illegally Into This Country

You sure have been able to put one over on this nation of wimps. Here you are, illegally in this country for decades, while you could have returned to your roots in 2009 if Obama had any balls. I compare you with many of the women crying rape or all types of sexual harrassment, some true but late in accusing.  While the accused men are mostly defenseless, you, Jorge, a proven criminal have been free of any critisism,  arrest or deportation, while defended by the 'bleeding hearts'. who twice elected a man bent on selling and sometimes, forcing he and his wife's culture on this country

Yes, Jorge isn't this a great country? Did you drop a thank you note to Barack when he retired?  I did,.I thanked him for retiring while wishing he had retired earlier.

You should have aent him a note and a bouquet.  But, Jorge, I still have balls, though old, President Trump and I want you out of this country until you can enter legally. Take your family with you. Lot's of jobs in thecountry of your birthand roots. And your family probably have a lot of your relatives to take you all in just like we do in the good old U.S.A.

The Killing Fields of the U.S.A.

161,000 of our people died in preventable accidents last year. One killed every minute. One injured every second.

40,000 killed by vehicle. Of these 40,000, more than 50% were alcohol related.

38,000 killed by overdosing.

When ONE member of our armed services gets killed, it's cause to blame President Trump for it happening and then blame him again for not calling at once and to offer his condolwences.

Some people make me sick. We are a nation of complainers, drunks, drug users, perpetual speeders, illegals, and terrorist most of who are legal immigrants.

We are addicted to every type of seeing, sending and listening devicee and we are just getting started.

New Jersey lawmakers have susposedly passsed a law making it illegal to navigate a drone while drunk. Drones are now in hands of the mentally ill and terrorists.

In future years, added to the above deaths and injuries, will be those caused by drones. Suggest all of those who make me sick, install plate glass windows with steel bars.

I know I shouldn't print this. This nation's biggest concern is 'seexual harrassmen. Now, all the 'ME' people are hating Brigette Bardow. Hey, Brigette I still love you.

Trump's Low Global Approval? Easy To Explain

He's taking away the 'goodies' they have been stealing from the U.S.A. Taxpayers 'Cookie Jar'.

No one likes it when a lot of their 'goodies' are taken back. Also explains the militant black leaders sckretcthing and their white socialistic white ilk backers.

Ban All Nudity Posted 12/12/2004

Ban All Nudity??

So the Republican Governor of Vermont objects to a table lamp featuring a replica of “The Greek Slave” – a chained nude female crafted by a Vermont artist in 1843 that became an icon of the abolitionist movement before the Civil War. An aide to the Governor said “the governor does not object to the art but how do you explain to a third grade why there is a nude Greek Slave on the governor’s desk”.

This brings me to a conversation I had with a friend recently. This man was all excited to tell me there was a move underway in Peoria to get people to sign petitions banning nudity in Peoria. I asked him where it was going to be banned. In the bedroom? On the street? In the Civic Center? Exactly where? He said “you know where I mean”. I said no I don’t and that caused the subject to change.

Now I don’t want people walking around the mall naked. I see enough near nakedness there anyway, and though I respect the rights of all women, I believe most people should keep their clothes on in public. I’ve spent too much time on the beaches in Florida turning my head so that I can’t see those overweight people wearing what look like jock straps and thongs.

I suspect that nearly all children by the third grade have seen more anatomy than someone with a fundamentalist approach to life, would prefer. Very little is left to imagination even in advertising, television, computer, comic books, museums, art galleries or you name it.

If we wish to turn this country into a group of people who are ashamed of how the human body looks without clothes, I suggest we have much in common with men who keep women in subjugation and some of you might be more comfortable in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Don’t count on me as one of you. The Saudi’s won’t even let women athletes compete in shorts or a swim suit. In fact, I don’t believe they can even wear dresses in public. Don’t they wear Burkas (probably misspelled and I really don’t care if it is!) or some sort of total body cover-up? Boy those men must sure be jealous!!

Anyway I am not a “how you look policeman”. I people wish to embarrass themselves in public, why, hey, this is supposed to be a free country, isn’t it?

Anyway back to the governor. I suggest he cloth the slave woman in a bikini and everyone including the children will be more comfortable or does the governor think the kids don’t go near men and women swimming or competing in ballet and other near nudity activities? Then maybe one of these third graders will ask “did they wear bikinis and thongs while they were slaves? That might be a harder question to answer!!

For all those people pushing their beliefs and values on the rest of us I say look after yourself and your clan and your ilk. No one has to look at nudity and as far as most of us are concerned, they can cover their bodies they way they want. I guess I don’t blame some of the leadership of the “ban nudity” sponsorship; I sure don’t want to see some of them naked!! I have always believed that it wasn’t nakedness that causes a rise in men and women’s testosterone, but they way some people dress and act.

However; I see beauty in all of creation.

Speaking of beauty, the Poinsettia from Hoerr’s this year were as beautiful as last year. Thanks to all the people who bought them from me. I raised approximately $450.00 for the Optimist Club, 100% of the money will go to youth groups and we can only hope it will be well spent.

Election Referendum Revisited Again!! If you scroll my archives you will find this topic. I wrote about this referendum to bring the City Election Commission into the County where by law it should be. If you recall, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars would have been saved every year. However, the company selling the City Election Commission their supplies and maintenance donated $2500 dollars to the campaign and City Election employees donated many more thousands in advertising to mislead and confuse the issue and in turn, confuse the voter. Also, if you recall, th

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Heart Problems. President Trump? No Big Problem - I'm 92 - Read On

Darin LaHood, pass this message on to the President. Thank you, Darin, and I support your efforts to make 'America Great Again'.

On December 27, 2004, I underwent a triple-bypass. In October, 2005, I traveled to Palm Desert, CA. to compete in a Senior Tennis Tournament. I was 79 years old. I won my first singles match in three sets ending about 4:00 P.M. At 9;00 A.M., the next morning, I was on the court to play my second round of singles. I lost my first set, led 5-3 in the second set and retired because I was to play doubles at 2;P.M. We lost 6-4, 6-4 largely because I 'ran out of gas, Three sets in 24 hours.  In 2005, I won the local Tri-County doubles and repeated that in 2010.

I played and won my last match in Florida at the age of 90. I did not stop playing because of fear of heartt failure but  because my heart arthymia of 30 some years, finally caught up to me. As did my inherited neurapathy. I' m going on 93; have congenital heart failure for 20 some years, I had prostate cancer, bladder camcer twice, (I haven't smoked in over 40 years) and plenty of stress.I still am active, no Depends and no cane.

I select my food carefully but still eat most anything but FAST FOODS. Lay off the Big Macs. If I live to be 100, you can invite me to the WH  I'd be honored.

In the meantime listen well to your Doctors.

Pere Marquette and Marriott Courtyard Construction (JS, 4/25/12)

The JSEB wrote,."Construction of a new hotel in not lacking in justification. Absent from Peoria's Downtown is the kind of upscale Convention hotel that East Peoria has, for example, in it's Embassy Suites, with business ostensibly being lost because of it. Arguably, such a hotel is needed to protect the cit's enormous investment in the Civic Center over the past three decades. This page is no fan of these taxpayer-provided inducements to the private sector, but the way business is done these days, no new hotel or major renovation of the flagging Pere will likely occur without some public involvement".

Ok, 6 years later the Pere is still 'flagging', the Civic Center is projecteed to lose half a million this year and the taxpayer in the near future is going to be a bunch of sad sack saddled with NEW taxes from every publiic taxing body.

Dreamers and Consults back in June 2002, the City paid a planner $65,000, the Stae of Illinois, paid $65,000, thee Civic Center board pledged $50,000 and the rest of the $250,000 cost.

16 years later we still have some od the same Dreamers and more of consultants and where are we?

Good question, .Answer; stuck and going sidewise and more downhill. The 2002 consultant compared us to Ft. Meyers, Fla. and the dreamers bit.

We are still trying to make 'a silk ourse out of a sows ears'. No offense intended to the soos.

Retiring, Thank Goodness, Jeff Flake Is am Arizona 'Major 'Nutcase'

His retirement helps clean the 'swamp' in D.C. Thanks, Jeff

Teddy Bear Society

Quotes from Anthony Daniels, a British Physician, 6/6/17 in WSJ. "Another source of comfort for terrrorists is that after every new atrocity, the police are able to arrest multiple accomplices. That suggests that the police knew the attackers' identites in ADVANCE but did nothing - in other words, that most of the time terrorists can act with impunity even if they are known. Here, then, is further evidencee of a society that will not defend itself seriously. THIS IS NOT JUST A BRITISH PROBLEM. The April murder of a policeman on the Champs Elyees in Paris was committeed by a man who had already tried to kill three policeman, who was known to have become fanaticized, and who was found with vicious weapons in his home.

The authorities waited patiently until he struck.

One day this country will say 'thank God for Donald Trump'. My statement.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top WH Medical Examiner Said Trump Did 'Exceedingly welll' on His Cognitive Tests - 30 out of 30

Last I knew that is 100%. We 'intolerables' knew that but he was scheuled to take these tests and did so with results disparging to his haters.

Corey Booker - Black Democrat Congressman Slams DHS Secretary

Hey Corey, blacks have come a long way in the last 60 years. U'all should slow down in ruining your and their futures.